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Heparin Contamination More Extensive than First Thought

Posted by Todd Hendrickson in Medical Malpractice | Products Liability

The New York Times is reporting that Heparin contamination is more widespread than first thought. And Heparin may be just the tip of the iceberg. Unknown to most Americans, U.S. drug manufacturers are purchasing many chemical components of their drugs from Chinese suppliers.The F.D.A. has linked contaminated Heparin to at least 81 deaths in the United States. Heparin, a drug-thinner used extensively to treat strokes, heart attacks and as a preventative measure in certain types of surgeries, has been found to be contaminated. If you or a loved one has suffered death, stroke, bleed or other side-effect in recent years, and Heparin was involved, please contact the The Law Offices of Todd N. Hendrickson to discuss your legal rights.

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